Seattle Celebrates is one of the nation’s most exciting arts and culture festivals.

With each iteration, organizations across a variety of mediums ranging from symphony and ballet to jazz, film and musical theater unite to present works on a single theme. This remarkable collaboration showcases Seattle’s incredibly rich cultural landscape and defines it as one of the premiere arts destinations in the country.

Why is Seattle celebrating Shakespeare?

The great William Shakespeare is universally considered to be one of the greatest storytellers in history. His works remain timeless, with fully-fledged productions of his original plays being performed in their entirety in cities and communities around the world to this day. His work has also inspired and continues to inspire countless artists to retell his stories in fresh and exciting ways, whether through music, dance, film or theater. With the enduring work of the Bard as the central theme for this year’s Seattle Celebrates festival, a huge variety of Seattle’s incredible arts and culture organizations are able to participate.